Categories: Pop

  • A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    Step across that line Stand up you’ll be fine It’s the perfect day for what we’ve waiting for now it’s our chance to shine It’s gonna be a perfect day! A perfect day! A perfect day! It’s gonna be a perfect day! A perfect day! A perfect day! Oh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Now it’s on,…

  • Life Is Beautiful

    Life Is Beautiful

    Hey now Come on Let’s go The music’s playin’ I’ve got To move on To go out No more delayin’ Pack my Things up Care free Adventure’s waitin’ I’m headin’ out Headin’ out to see the rest of the world Yeah, yeah So kick it up to stir it up Alive will make you feel…

  • These Are the Best Days

    These Are the Best Days

    Everywhere I go I feel so alive, yeah I’m happy head to toe I’m in overdrive, well alright Clear those clouds away I can feel the sun, yeah So let the music play Now we’ve just begun, I’m ready ‘Cause these are the best days (Yeah these are the best days) These are the best…

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